Abandoned Adventures Escape Game

Abandoned Adventures Escape
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This school was where the best modern scientists came from. It has a very loose curriculum where the students' interest came first. Most people thought it wouldn't last. But the brilliant people behind it made sure their students shine. The school was doing great until the tenth year. One student was the son of a business tycoon. He was doing well at first. But then he lost interest in sciences and math. His teachers tried so hard to bring back his enthusiasm as it would be a waste to let him go. However, the student just kept on skipping sessions and messing up experiments. Until one day, he caused a big explosion that hurt some of his classmates. His father paid for the damages and the expenses of those who were hurt. But the school refused to take him back in until he changed his attitude.

The father was disappointed and didn't want to lose name. So he influenced the supporters of the school. One by one, the school lost support which led to its closure. Nobody knew what happened to the teachers and students there. It seemed like they disappeared altogether. But some people said that what remained of them still roamed around the  school. Play Abandoned Adventures Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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