Wolf Pup Escape 2

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Wolf Pup Escape 2 is a brand new point and click escape game released by 8b Games for more animal rescue adventures here with us daily. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel. Have Fun!

Taylor’s friend had given her something very unusual for her birthday, and that present was a wolf pup and upon seeing the animal, she quickly fell in-love with it. But taking care of such an animal has even more responsibility for it is still a wild animal and when it grows, it will try to take control for dominance. Taylor accepted the risk though and housed the animal in her place, she decided thereafter to take the little guy near the forest just to see how will it react, but the next morning though she never even realized that her plan is going to fail on the very first step.

Taylor prepared to leave her place with her wolf pup when she realized however that something was quite wrong, there she heard a cry coming from one of the rooms in her house and it was her pup! Taylor tried the door but unfortunately, it would not open. Now this is something weird for she never really locks her doors inside and it’s weird why was one even locked. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure for the pup and see if you can make it without destroying anything? Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Wolf Pup Escape 2

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