Fox Pup Rescue

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Jackie is absolutely admiring the great outdoors here, it was definitely free from pollution and the air was lighter, now he can finally breathe well. Jackie was practicing his eyes seeing far and wide, getting used to different colors here in this wilderness is a must so he won’t get too overwhelmed. Jackie was scanning the wilderness and various stuff are being caught by his eyes from their green background. But at some point however he saw something in a small but deep pond, he definitely did not miss it for it was in the color of orange!

This orange thing floating on the pond was not just a dying orange leaf though, it was a baby fox and it is struggling to stay afloat! Jackie looked around then for maybe it’s parents are just around, but there were no other foxes nearby and this one is in danger! Jackie cannot reach the fox at the moment for it was in the middle, maybe he can throw something at it so it’ll climb-up there to stay afloat for longer? Only then he can think clearly what he’ll do next. Escape players, help Jackie here find something which can help the baby fox here stay afloat in that pond. Quickly now for there isn’t much time.

Pup Rescue is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fox Pup Rescue

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