Winsome Girl Escape

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There was this winsome girl who was being tutored by Ara with her school lessons and that day she had a tough one at school for there were a lot of things to do and she needs help. So of course Ara went to the girl’s house for her mother was calling her too to help. The girl was currently alone in her house for her mom went for errands and for that, the more they need Ara now. Ara quickly went to the house for she has nothing to do really and to help is really her thing.

Ara came to the house just in-time to meet the girl’s mother and she went quickly to her errands then, and so Ara enters the place expecting her student to be doing her work but she wasn’t, and she even found her in an unfortunate situation! Ara’s student was trapped in her own room and she was screaming for help! Didn’t her mother hear her scream? Well of course Ara is going to help her student here for she obviously has to, escape players care to join in the house rescue here with Ara and see if you can get her student which was that winsome girl out from her room safely?

Winsome Girl Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.