Wild Parrots Rescue

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You were walking along the forest when you saw a bird. You thought that they are just ordinary birds but when you continued to walk, you heard someone talked. There were no people around the forest. At first, you thought that there is a ghost but when you looked closely, you saw the bird talk. From there, you realized that it is a parrot that you saw. The parrot said that they can’t find their way out of this forest. You need to help them out so they can reunite with their other parrot families. The thing is, you are also finding your way out. With that, you have to move quickly and look for clues that can help you to find the right way out of this forest. Thankfully, there are items in there that you can use to solve the puzzles that you will see in this place.

But even with those clues and objects, you still have to use your logic to escape from the forest and also to save the wild parrot. The parrot’s can tell you the way out so you have to use your own logic. Wild Parrots Rescue is an outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule. Good luck!