Wet MR Mike Escape

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Trevor went to his friend’s house that day for he has something for him and it’s so important that he did not even mind going through the ravaging rain outside. As he arrived in the house and was welcomed in, there seems to be some sort of problem there, for his friend was trying to open this door which was clearly locked and he can’t open it. So Trevor asked what was going-on, that’s when he knew that there was this guy who pleaded with his friend to let him in for a bit for the rain was quite strong outside, and so because his friend was kind he allowed him. But then there was this trouble now, for Mike which was his name is trapped inside this room and on his side he is also trying to escape!

Trevor sees this situation as something sketchy, so he kept his guard up. But he will help here though in solving this so that it won’t be a problem anymore. Escape players, you will now be playing as Trevor here, will you be able to help Mike who is trapped in his friend’s house and so maybe he can then leave?

Wet MR Mike Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Wet MR Mike Escape

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