Warrior Cat Escape Game

Warrior Cat Escape

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Try the rescue attempt here everyone, Warrior Cat Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Avm Games. Have fun on another rescue here in the town.

The village is very well protected by the people who guards it and somehow, the enemy tends to stay-away from the place whenever they pass. It's weird for most people, but for Vincent however it's not at all baffling, for there was a fabled warrior cat that protects the place and agilely attacks enemies of the village, and nobody knows about it! Vincent saw it one day though how it fought and it was incredible, but the cat had an agreement with Vincent the moment it saw that he was there, the agreement is the cat should never be known in the village in exchange for it protecting the place. Vincent agreed on that for it's easy to do, but something happened one day however and that agreement is in the way there which makes the situation hard.

The warrior cat just got trapped in one of the houses in the village and Vincent saw it! The cat was lucky, but Vincent has to do the rescue on his own though, for of course the agreement was on the way. Will Vincent be able to free the cat before the situation gets worst like the enemy attacking at the same time? Escape players, go ahead on the rescue here and be quick about it. Enjoy!

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