Warehouse Escape (5n Games) Game

Warehouse Escape (5n Games)

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Matthew finally had a job after a long time of looking for a decent one which he can really stay in, it's his first day that day at the warehouse and he just wanted it to end as better as he had expected. But then again something happened there and it occurred at the end of his duty where he was about to leave. Throughout the entire day, the warehouse had been great and it's just his co-workers are worrying him, for he is catching wind that they were planning something which is some sort of initiation for him! On his first day really? Well his instincts wasn't wrong though, for when he was about to leave the place for home, he realized that he was alone and that's not all, for the exits are all locked!

What is he suppose to do here? Did they just abandoned him and that's it? They wanted him to spend the night there? Well whatever this it is it's absolutely an initiation prank and to prove that he is better than that, he must maintain calm and try to find another way out of the place, besides it's still early so Matthew still has a lot of time. Escape players, join Matthew here on the escape for fun! Can you escape as quickly as possible no sweat?

Try your best to get yourself out of the warehouse then even though it is quite vast! Warehouse Escape is a brand new point and click complex escape game from 5n Games.

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