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Uncertain Path 01

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High up to the mountains, there is an ancient civilization there which looked Inca, but there are various objects in that place though which belonged to different cultures and that puts-off the idea. The ruined civilization was already abandoned for a long time and was quite hard to get to, hence why only a few could get to the place and one who was going there that day was Tony. He was pretty excited to the point that even though his team stopped to get some rest, he still continued for he couldn't control his excitement. But everyone knows why it's dangerous to go on an adventure through uncharted places though, except Tony and he is going to find that out the hard way.

Tony finally arrived at the ruins but from then he was now very uncertain to keep going for the path seems dangerous and weird. It's very mysterious why he felt that way instantly, but he is now getting that feeling to get back and return to his team, and return he did. Escape players, it won't be easy coming down from the place now, but will you be able to Join Tony and find a safer way in getting back to your team?

Go ahead and try this adventure here then from an ancient and abandoned place where only a few had ever been to before. Uncertain Path 01 is the newest point and click ruins escape game from First Escape Games for more dose of escape fun with us daily.

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