Volcano Treasure Hunt Escape Game

Volcano Treasure Hunt Escape

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For the most thrilling thing you listed in your bucketlist, you chose the volcano. You had been to many land forms and it was always a pleasure to be there. However, you wanted to have more challenge. You wanted to have something that'd make you think about your life. It was a few years back when you started listing the things you wanted to do before you die. It might be morbid for some people, but for you it was a practical thing to do. You very well knew that all people would die someday and you couldn't really tell when. Having a bucketlist would keep you going especially through the days when you feel like life wasn't worthy anymore. You had accomplished quite a lot in your list but you had no plans of stopping. You knew that you had to work for things to happen.

So you communicated with the people who could bring you to a volcano. You thought you would just be there and have a look around. That was your original plan actually. However, things started to become dangerous and you weren't there just for pleasure anymore. Play Volcano Treasure Hunt Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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