Virus Threat Escape Game

Virus Threat Escape

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A vaccine had finally arrived and it's something more valuable than gold now, as soon as it was available, it was quickly distributed and demand then had gone way up than oil. The hospital where Eugene works is on a hectic time now disseminating and observing the effects of the vaccine given to the ones who are infected. He is now down at the last vaccine for the last patient who was infected in the floor and the patient was a boy, he was about to take it to the patient's room and administer it but when he checked his vaccine pack, it seems to be missing!

It must not for every vaccine is accounted for and it could get him in-trouble for negligence. Eugene has all the more reason not to abandon that missing vaccine, of course for the patient too who desperately needs it. Escape players, somebody might have stolen that or maybe just misplaced, will you help Eugene here with his problem which can potentially get worst if not solved? Place yourself on the shoes of doctor Eugene then and open up cabinets as well as compartments at the station for that missing vaccine.

Virus Threat Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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