Cute Macaw Escape Game

Cute Macaw Escape

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Angelo had a hard-time trying to break-down the doors of the old house for his pet macaw is trapped in there. That menacing boy had messed with him now just like what he does to every single one of his neighbors, and right now his prank to Angelo was to take his pet macaw and bring it to the old abandoned structure nearby and trap it there! Angelo really got pretty angry that day, that boy needs to be dealt with but first he needs to rescue his macaw for it will be a big problem if it gets hurt.

Escape players, Angelo is now inside the house where that boy took his macaw and for now, there seems to be no signs of both the boy and his parrot, but he'll find it and he must be careful when he does so, for the boy might be menacing enough to put traps there. Come and place yourself on the shoes of Angelo here everyone, navigate the structure for your macaw and stay alert as well.

Bring the best of your skills and logic here on this challenge. Cute Macaw Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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