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Vintage Mansion

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Come and join this vintage house escape game here everyone! Vintage Mansion is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games. Have fun with us everyday.

The old house there is really like an echo from the past, a standing testament from whatever happened before, a place that can give stories may it be partial or full. Clinton is quite amazed with it though, for not only he likes history and the sort, he is marveled how the place still stands and hardly even rickety enough, even though it passed through a lot hardships. One explanation is that it had less foot-traffic for years thanks to its location, and the mansion is made from quality materials that it is able to withstand everything for decades. One day, Clinton got inside it and he just wanted to look around which he was given permission to, but that won't be sweet though for he faced a problem there as he roams around!

Clinton found how the residence was for its occupants when the place was still young, it's roomy actually, but he came alone inside and what's bad about that is the huge house having a reputation of getting people lost in there and according them, it suddenly becomes too hard to navigate and the air begins to thin as well! That is exactly what happened to Clinton and now, he quickly needed assistance there! Escape players, the caretakers outside could not hear his cry for help, care to join in and see if you can help him escape the old mansion? Good luck then and enjoy the escape!


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