Unlock And Through Escape Game

Unlock And Through Escape

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Sasha's new house seems to be a decent one, even though it has some designs of brick walls which she really is not fond of, it was still good despite the minor weird stuff happening in there everyday which she just shrugs-off, but something happened in the place though and at first she felt a sense of being doomed or similar to that, and then it happened, she could no longer open the doors in her place!

Sasha could not open the doors in her house even though she tried a few things but none of her conventional methods would work. She needs to think outside of the box then if that's the case for she really has no idea what's happening there, but for that she might need some help. Well for such, that help will be coming from you escape players! Will you be able to escape from this situation here by first finding-out what's going-on? Play as Sasha here then and find clues as well as vital items for those are everywhere, in-fact there is no room there that's empty.

Come and solve this escape adventure here everyone! Unlock And Through Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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