Unknown 2 - 06 Game

Unknown 2 - 06

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You breathed a sign of relief when you saw what the sixth unknown world looked like. It was like the normal world with a bit of creepy elements to it. However, it was not as creepy as the world before. Although your mind couldn't help but think of creepy situations that may happen even in this kind of world. The first place you got into was a bathroom. You didn't know why you were brought here first but you believed there was something in here that you should find before moving on to the rest of the locations. No one was there to answer your questions anyway so you just moved around and tried not to freak yourself out. It seemed like you still felt you were in the previous world. You closed your eyes tightly hoping that when you opened it, your mind would also be refreshed.

However, while closing your eyes, you began to imagine that someone would be looking at you. You slowly moved around while gradually opening your eyes. Fortunately, you were still alone. You were slowly losing energy from being jumpy. So you decided to just focus on the things you need to do to escape. Play Unknown 2 - 06 room escape game by First Escape Games.

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