Escape Millionaire Mansion Game

Escape Millionaire Mansion

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This Millionaire Mansion was owned by your friend. She was one of the riches in your group but she was just cool about it. When it comes to her friends, she was very generous. You were lucky to have her as she would also support you in achieving your own millions. She held an event in her mansion to celebrate another million entering her bank account. The event was just for you small circle of friends. It was a fun night of eating and drinking. However, you must have had too much to drink that you didn't know when you passed out. You remembered seeing a familiar face but he wasn't a part of your circle. On one of your get together, you would talk about your classmates from the past and there was always someone you all wanted to meet again.

You thought it was him last night but you weren't sure. You found yourself alone in the mansion the next morning. However, you were not really sure if you were alone or if they were just on the other parts of it. It was so huge that you sometimes would need to message each other to know where you were. Play Escape Millionaire Mansion room escape game by Selfdefiant. 

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