Shiny Easter Wooden Door Escape Game

Shiny Easter Wooden Door Escape

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Your friend messaged you saying she lost the key to the house she was supposed to decorate. You know your friend well and you were hoping she was still holding it up. She could easily lose her hope and confidence and just stay static. Her friends or family should always be around to remind her that things would just work out just fine. So when you received the message, you immediately stopped what you were doing to get to her location. Then again, you needed to make sure that everything was in order in your house. You had pets that should be feed and litter cleaned. Likewise you were in the middle of doing the laundry and cooking your rice. You couldn't leave the everything at the moment but you were preparing everything you would be needing to help your friend.

The rice cooker clicked and your laundry stopped. You just needed to step out of the door, get on your car, and be on your way to help your friend. However, as you were about to get out of the door, you remembered your key. You looked in the container where you usually drop it and it was not there. Play Shiny Easter Wooden Door Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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