Unknown 2 - 05 Game

Unknown 2 - 05

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Just when you thought the unknown worlds were getting boring you found yourself in a scary themed one. You were very fine with the rest of the world. You knew you could just breeze through them or you may spend a little more time getting out of the unknown world. But this one is different. The last time you watched a scary movie was when you were still grade school because you had nothing to watch. Your father rented a creepy movie for Friday night and it gave you nightmares. You didn't watch any scary movie since then. However, you still dared to enter a haunted mansion in a theme park. Who would've thought that the effects they used would look so real that it freaked you out. The moment the ride started, you wanted to exit the place immediately. But you also knew it was impossible to do so.

So you stayed in your seat and waited until the ride was over. You felt the creepy stuffs you saw still followed you outside. And this world gave you the same feeling. It seemed like you couldn't choose between staying still or keep moving around as both actions simply scare you. Play Unknown 2 - 05 outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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