Treasure Crate Escape Game

Treasure Crate Escape

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Being first was always your priority in almost everything and this time with the treasure crate. You needed to be the first one to get up and use the shower. Although it was a bit advantageous to be the last to use the shower as no one would be waiting for you, you mostly got late in your appointments. So you made sure to be the first one to use it while they were all asleep. You also wanted to be the first to report in class. Your classmates would sometimes hate you for setting such a high standard but you loved the attention you were getting from your professors. You ended up being first in class and was the first to be hired as well. Your company prepared a mission for the company employees. They wanted to see who was the passionate and determined employee that could succeed.

The mission would start the next day but you started once everyone was asleep. You wanted to be the first one to get your hands on it. This time, not be declared the winner. But you were just so curious as to what was inside the treasure crate. Play Treasure Crate Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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