Old Wrecked House Escape Game

Old Wrecked House Escape

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There was a wrecked house you wanted to buy so you could do some renovations on it. You were thinking of renting the place out but you were also thinking of making it your own. Before you do anything with the house, you wanted to make sure that it was abandoned peacefully. You may have watched too many scary movies involving some crimes happening inside a house. Then that house was abandoned by humans but spirits decided to take over. The property looked normal on the outside. Yet once you got inside, the secrets of what happened were all revealed through the creepy things happening there. You shuddered at the thought and hoped that it wouldn't be the case for your own house. You got there early in the morning so you would have a lot of time to explore it.

Everything seemed to be fine in the house. It looked like the owners just weren't interested in staying there anymore. You slowly began to imagine how your house would look like after you finished all the things you wanted to change. You walked towards the back door to see what lied beyond there but the doors couldn't be opened. You tried the front door but it didn't work as well. Play Old Wrecked House Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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