Underground Schemes House Escape have really old bases.

Underground Schemes House Escape

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Those rebel scums! They’re planning something. A rebel group is hiding out from one underground bunker to another. Moreover, they’re growing in numbers. Today, they  have three bases. In addition to the bases, scouts are everywhere. Reports are coming in continuously by spies all over the city. However, nobody really knows who is behind these rebels. Another government spy is to infiltrate the said bases. Agent X polishes his weapons before use. He starts dressing up and walks out of his apartment. He only has one goal: steal valuable information from all bases and return. It’s not going to be an easy job. However, for ten million, it’s all worth it. His pace quickens and somehow, he feels excitement towards this mission.

Underground Schemes House Escape is short point and click game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. The briefing: Explore each location of the abandoned bunker and complete all tasks to escape.


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Walkthrough video for Underground Schemes House Escape

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