Underground Witch House Escape

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When you were little, your grandma would pick a book from her magical bookshelf. This bookshelf was full of fairy tales. She told you that the stories in the book really happened and that someone thought of writing it. But for the stories to remain in the pages, pixie dust should always be sprinkled on it. You asked your grandma about the place for collecting the dust. However, she said she’ll only tell you at the right time. Then she’ll start telling the stories. Your mind would then wander to the places in the stories until you fall asleep. But you always remember your grandma kissing you before leaving the room. And then the stories stopped when grandma left. She didn’t get to tell you about the location of the pixie dust. But you’re very eager to find it. You don’t want to lose the only remembrance of your grandma.

So you looked through the stories for clues. Then you found an information about it on one of the stories. Instantly, you went to the place. However, it’s on an underground witch house. You need to face the witch to acquire what you need. And you’re very familiar with how they can behave when faced with strangers. Play Underground Witch House Escape room escape games by Genie Fun Games.