Ultra Modern Home Escape Game

Ultra Modern Home Escape

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You and your best friend were separated in 2nd grade. He transferred to another school. But unknown to you, he transferred to another country. His parents had regular jobs there and so he needed to be there with him as well. You didn't have proper goodbyes. You were still thinking you'll see him the following school year. However, you never heard from him again. The first few months of school were sad for you. Disappointment and hurt filled you. But as years went by, you began to live with his absence. There were times that you though of him and wondered if he even spared a thought for you as well. But you never had an answer to that. Until one day, you got curious if you could find him online. You searched for his name and you found his account.

It didn't say much about him but you still tried your luck. He responded and it was like the old times again. He was an architect and he invited you to visit one of his houses. You gladly accepted his offer. It was an ultra modern house and you were so proud of him. He left for a while to fully explore the house. However, he was taking a long time to return. So you decided to find your own way out. Play Ultra Modern Home Escape room escape game by Games Clicker.

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