Tribe With Torch Escape Game

Tribe With Torch Escape

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Rescue a an aboriginal man here wielding something pretty important. Tribe With Torch Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another fun rescues with us!

In the town where you live in, there is a nearby aboriginal village and the one thing that had kept them alive there for generations was their mysterious torch. That thing is rumored to have been going-on for thousands of years but nobody would believe that nowadays, still you and the townsfolk respect that for indigenous people have been in the land way before all of you and in reality, you are just squatting in their area, so everyone just co-exists alongside each other.

One day, a chain of events happened between the town and the village which unfortunately ended with an aboriginal man possessing the ever sacred torch, to get trapped inside one of the town's houses and now he needs help! You have no idea what his motives are but still you will save him for he is a tribesman. Still you need to be careful though, for he might be a fugitive stealing the village's sacred torch. Escape players, try your best on this rescue now and take good care of the torch if you ever get your hands on it.

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