Christmas Find The Santa Dress Game

Christmas Find The Santa Dress

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Find an item here which was rumored to be a relic and nobody knows about it. Christmas Find The Santa Dress is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

One snowy night, a strange item fell from the sky along with the snow which was calmly piling-up on the streets. There was nobody outside that time, only Jack who was alone and enjoying the cold. The item had a very distinct color and it could not be missed, it was red and a bit big, when Jack approached it he saw that it looked like a winter coat and it really was, quite thick too. That happened a decade ago and still Jack has that coat which was still a mystery to him. The coat looked like the one which Santa wears and it could be his, but that's impossible. One day when Jack showed this coat to his friend for the very first-time, he realized how valuable it was for his friend had hidden it somewhere in the house.

Jack had a feeling he would do that, for he was a prankster and he really forgot about that fact. Jack needs to find that winter coat for all he knows it could really be the real-deal. Escape players, join Jack here as he finds the coat before it gets lost forever!


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