Trekking Valley Escape Game

Trekking Valley Escape

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Trekking has always been your hobby. You love nature so much and you think that this is the best way to appreciate that. In addition that, you can exercise your body while trekking. So, you woke up early in the morning to trek at the Trekking Valley. This is the best place to trek because it is safe and the paths are clear. You thought that this is still the situation but you didn't know that there are some renovations happened in this valley. The paths are not the same anymore and this is the reason why you can't find your way out. There are also no hikers walking with you so you have to find your own way to escape. The good news is, there are clues that can help you to find the right path.

There are also items along the way that you can use for your escape plan. However, there are puzzles in this valley that will block your way. You have to solve everything before you can finally escape and you need your logic for those. Trekking Valley Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game from Big Escape Games that will test your logic. Best of luck!

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