Easter Nature Garden Escape Game

Easter Nature Garden Escape

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For so many days now, your news feed was just filled with many pictures of flowers. The flowers had various colors and of various species. You couldn't help but admire every picture posted. You wanted to visit the place so badly but it was nearing the end of the school year. And the paper works were filing on your table. You wouldn't be able to go anywhere unless you finished them all. This would take you a lot of days since there were many details to fill. But despite of the work load, you really enjoyed this kind of job. It was easier for you than having to face unpredictable people and receiving various energies from them. You somehow believed you were an empath. And you easily absorbed so much from one person. Sometimes it overwhelmed you. You get tired easily. But sometimes it was like magic.

Your friend was looking at the pictures while standing behind you. You felt his presence and asked him if the two of you could go there. He was hesitant with his reply. And you felt like he had been there before. So instead, you asked for directions. It surprised him. But he gave you a detailed one. Then again, you forgot to ask about the way home. Play Easter Nature Garden Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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