Trapped Cute Fish Escape

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Willow was now in her yearly scuba dive in the barrier reef where forests of corals can be found and different kinds of colorful fish lives. On this year’s dive, Willow is now seeing more signs of humans in the place unfortunately, like plastic trash and bits of fishing nets. What a sad sight this was for her, and it definitely is. But that day she never thought she would actually be do something about it there, and even though how small it was, it was still good.

Willow found a big yellow fish inside one of the bits of nets and it is trapped inside it! Well, she can’t just abandon that animal there, for all she knows this creature could be a rare kind of fish, and she really still should help if it is otherwise. Escape players, will you help Willow here in freeing this fish carefully so it won’t get hurt? This is one of the reasons why divers should always bring a knife, for it boasts many uses and could be a life-saver. Will you just help Willow here then in finding something sharp which can open that net quickly?

Trapped Cute Fish Escape is another new point-and-click underwater animal rescue escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Trapped Cute Fish Escape

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