Underwater Yellow Fish Escape

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Underwater scenery always enchants Wilbur, it’s like he doesn’t want to leave anymore once he dives in. That day, he was in this area where once an ancient city stood, but it is underwater now and the place was absolutely fantastic. Wilbur moves around the corals there and the buildings just sight-seeing, but as he went around this corner though he saw something which quite intrigued him.

Wilbur found a cage there which he didn’t expect, and inside it was this strange yellow fish he haven’t seen before! It looks rare definitely, probably even so for he doesn’t know what it is. Wilbur documented it for a bit and when he was finished, he decided to free it, but that is posing a bit of a problem though. Escape players, Wilbur doesn’t know how to open this cage and he hopes to do it without causing too much stress to the animal. Okay then, will you help him here so he can get this done before his tank tells him his dive is done?

Underwater Yellow Fish Escape is a brand new point-and-click underwater animal escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Underwater Yellow Fish Escape

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