Transient House Escape Game

Transient House Escape

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You were in vacation and you chose a place where you didn't know anyone. You wanted to enjoy your free time being anonymous. There was a time that you tried to rest in different part of the city. However, you couldn't stop saying hi and hello to anyone who knew you. You couldn't really meet new people because of the many people that surrounded you. So for this vacation, you went to a far place. You didn't have anyone to shoulder your accommodation. So you looked for a transient house and decided to stay there. It was just your type. You enjoyed every part of it and you couldn't wait to make use of its amenities. Then again, you still had some shopping to do. The features of the house should just wait until you had all the supplies you needed for your stay.

The owner came by to check how you were doing. Then he emphasized that you should always keep the key when you close and open the door. However, you only remembered the use of the key when opening the door from the outside. You forgot that you also needed to have the keys to open the door from the inside. It was just a trial of the security measures and it wasn't helping you at the moment. Play Transient House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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