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Juliet Escape From Castle

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There was a part in the story of Romeo and Juliet that the researchers hid. The scholars who studied the missing part of the stories were all silenced. And it was in ways that they wouldn't be able to reveal any of it. However, there was one who was clever enough to keep a record of his finding. He kept it in a place where no one would ever thought of looking through it. But you bought the property where he kept it. You didn't ask any company to demolish it for you. Instead, you tried to take it down slowly. You really enjoyed seeing the tiny details and knowing the stories behind them. Then you reached the brick part of the house. There seemed to be a hollow one and when you broke it, the data was there.

You read it and it revealed another part of Juliet and Romeo's story. There was actually a witch who didn't like their story. She was so bitter when she saw people being happy. It so happened that she saw the couple. She couldn't forget the sweetness between the two that she plotted a story that would lead to a tragedy in a castle. Play Juliet Escape From Castle room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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