Gold Mine 5 Game

Gold Mine 5

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You had heard a lot about this mine. You were one of the people who really hated destroying the environment. However, you were also one of the people who benefited from it. Your company made use of the minerals mined. And they give you your salary. But deep in your heart, you were hurting from the destruction. So you were torn in between. You could leave your company and find other jobs. Or you could just turn a blind eye. Then you had a dream. In your dream, some elves appeared. They told you about their fall because of the mine. You woke up with the sun shining brightly outside. And you made up your mind to visit a mine. You wanted to prove your dream wrong. How could elves exist in this day? And why would they want you to be in the mine.

But thinking about it wouldn't really help. So you went there yourself. No one was there at the moment and you had easy access to it. You roamed around to find a clue about the existence of elves. However, you had been to every room you could remember and you had seen things that could clear things up. Instead, you found yourself stuck. Play Gold Mine 5 room escape game by NSR Games.

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