The Survivor Game

The Survivor

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The Survivor is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from First Escape Games. Enjoy the adventure here in such a lush place!

A storm just passed in the country that evening and everything near Adam's house just got destroyed! As a person who lives in the forest, every item in his possession is vital for his survival in such a remote area, but because a lot of his stuff got thrown around the place, he might not be able to find them all. He must gather what he can find and start rebuilding his house so it'll be back to its normal self and if possible to make it a lot stronger than before. Adam has a lot of work that needs to be done now and quickly before it gets dark and it will only get worst for the dark can be quite hard to work in.

Escape players, Adam here has just a decent problem and for now he has to gather all vital items around the site before night comes. Why don't you join in on the survival escape adventure here everyone, place yourself on the shoes of Adam and may you find all necessary items for this forest challenge. Good luck everyone and have fun!

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