The Dark Night Skull Land Game

The Dark Night Skull Land

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When you heard that you needed to find a golden map and skull, you smiled as you thought it would be easy to spot in this dreary place. This place used to be full of sunshine and bright vivid colors. It was a place that brought so much joy to people who were feeling a little gloomy. The people coming from this place were very positive with outlooks that they brought smiles and happiness wherever they were going. However, their level of happiness dropped when their place became polluted with so much negative minds. Since they were all glowing, depressed people flocked to their place for their own happiness. Slowly they outnumbered the people living here and the world gradually lost its light. However, there was still hope to awaken the happiness of the people and the place. The items needed may not seem to symbolize it right.

Then again, you know there might be an explanation for this. So you start to work right away to find the right items. You noticed that the dreary surroundings were slowly affecting your drive to finish the mission as well. But thinking of the effect of your success made you want to push through. Play The Dark Night Skull Land room escape game by Mirchigames.

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