Jiju Jojo Rescue Game

Jiju Jojo Rescue

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Jiju and Jojo were your childhood imaginary friends. They were there whenever you were alone and lonely. Jiju and Jojo had varying personalities. One of them kept you calm while the other kept you active. When you were feeling down and didn't feel like playing or talking with your friends, Jiju would go to your side to cheer you up. He wouldn't stop telling you funny stories or asking you to play with him until you get up and get back to playing once again. There were times when you were so active that your parents were having  a hard time making you calm enough to sleep. That was Jojo would invite you to listen to songs or read some stories, draw or color. Jojo was really good at this that you couldn't say no to him. Your parents would wonder how you were able to control yourself easily.

You grew up and slowly they disappeared. However, whenever you felt lonely, you somehow could still feel their presence. You would then smile as you knew you were not alone. There was one night when you dreamed of them being trapped in a strange place. You had to save them no matter what. Play Jiju Jojo Rescue room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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