Easter Rabbit Rescue Game

Easter Rabbit Rescue

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It has been you lifelong dream to capture on camera an Easter Rabbit going about its way during Easter. You first heard about the rabbit from your mom. You were sitting under the shade of the tree eating some snacks when your mom started telling you a story. She said there was once a girl who followed a rabbit and fell into a rabbit hole. This girl was transported into a different world where experienced many strange things. But she wasn't the only one who followed a rabbit and was brought into a different world. Your mom said when she was younger, she found a rabbit in the field. It was carrying a basket and was startled when it saw you. It hopped away so fast that an egg fell out of the basket. The rabbit was hesitating to pick it back up so it just hopped away.

Your mom went and picked up the egg hoping the rabbit would return for it. But years passed and the rabbit didn't return. Your mom finished her story and went inside your house. That was when you saw a rabbit hopping towards the house. You saw it get inside but it wasn't able to leave. Play Easter Rabbit Rescue room escape game by Avm Games. 

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