Thanksgiving Rescue The Puppy Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Puppy

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Your friend gives you a puppy from his very own dog. He doesn't like giving away his puppies but since you're special to him, he broke his own rule. You really appreciate his action. And you want to show him that you really care about his gift. So you take the puppy with you wherever you go. You'll be visiting an old place where you plan to have a photo shoot with your puppy. You're an aspiring photographer. So you only have to have your camera with you. And you're all set. You put a leash on your puppy for security as you take pictures of him. However, you want the shoot to be more fun and colorful. So you take off the leash and put on some colorful clothes on him. You turn to take out some colorful cloth on which he can sit on.

But when you turn around, you can't find him there anymore. He may have run away somewhere when he see something interesting. You instantly stand up from where you are to find him. You call him but he may not recognize your voice very well yet. So you need to find him fast before he goes farther away. Play Thanksgiving Rescue The Puppy room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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