Lost In Nowhere Land 6

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This island looks more modern than the previous one you landed on. It had some features that looked like it could help you get closer to your target island. Fortunately the kid still had a smile on his face and the endless determination to keep on moving forward. You haven’t lost the will to continue as well. Although you wished you had something to tell you that you were really moving in the right path. You were somehow worried about the progress you were making. What if you were just moving around in circles? Or what if you were moving farther and farther away from your target island? All these thoughts were entering your head as you looked at the kid searching for whatever he was looking for. Then from a distance, you saw something shiny. You slowly walked towards it but then the kid got in the way.

You then lost sight of the item. The kid asked you about it but you didn’t want to give him false hopes. So you just kept quiet until you were sure about what you saw. Now explore the island more. Play Lost In Nowhere Land 6 room escape game by Fastrack Games.

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