Rescue The Little Puppy

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Kate was just staying in this village temporarily, the people there have been kind and they even let her stay in one of the houses there. On her first day, she saw this puppy inside the house which was in a cage. She was advised not to bother with it for reasons unclear to her, and because this is not her place and she shouldn’t touch anything, she didn’t. But it had been 3 days now and the puppy is still there, she asked herself if they even feed the creature? Eventually she decided to take a look at it and maybe she can get it out of the cage and even play with it?

Escape players, Kate shouldn’t do that really, for she was told not to and it’s not her place here to pry, but her curiosity is getting the best of her and she did. Just a minute, and then she’ll return the pup back to its cage, so will you help Kate here then find a key around the house?

Rescue The Little Puppy is the newest point-and-click pet escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Little Puppy

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