Thanksgiving Rescue The Panda Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Panda

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Everyone in your family has a pet but you have the most adorable one. Simply because your pet is a panda. Everyone plans to bring their pet on the Thanksgiving Dinner and you think that it's a good idea. So, you also plan to bring your pet panda with you. His snacks are already at the table and the only thing missing is your pet panda. The thing is, he is really missing, literally. You searched for him through the house and to your surprise, you saw him in a room. The problem is that, he can't get out of there but the bigger problem is, you don't know where you can find the key which can open the door. Because of that, you have to find another way to open the door so you can rescue your panda.

You have to get him out of there before the dinner starts. So, you have to be quick and gather clues and objects around the house that can help you to complete this rescue mission. You also have to use your logic because there are some puzzles that you might encounter along the way. Thanksgiving Rescue The Panda is the newest room escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

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