Panda Snow World Escape Game

Panda Snow World Escape

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Ever since you saw a real panda, you couldn't help but want to see it more. You just couldn't get enough of its cuteness. So to lessen your yearning, you ended up watching videos of pandas online. Then an ad popped up at the side of the video. It was about Panda Snow World. It must look extremely cute in the middle of the snow. You clicked on the ad and it lead you to a website. The website showed information on how to book for a reservation there. Only a couple of rooms remained. And you just couldn't miss them. You instantly clicked on the confirmation button. The next day, you set off to Panda Snow World. It was wonderfully white and cold. But it was just how you imagined it. You were quite tired of feeling the heat in this time of the month.

So you looked around for a while before entering your room. The room was warm and so comfortable. It was like the perfect place for a mini vacation. However, you didn't want to be stuck in the room the whole day. So you walked out to explore the rest of the area. The sun made the snow glimmer. You got so busy following the endless snow that you missed your path. Play Panda Snow World Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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