Thanksgiving Rescue The Little Chicken Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Little Chicken

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Thanksgiving Rescue The Little Chicken is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy this game everyone through thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and turkeys must be ready for that when the feast comes. The night will be festive, for everyone in the village will be joining-in to the point that everyone is donating their fair-share of food like a ton of chicken and steaming ducks. Caroline was one of the people who was going to prepare the turkeys for the feast, but that day as she prepared the sauce for it so that the people in-charge can prepare that, she realized that a lot of turkeys got accidentally escaped from their cages!

The turkeys are all-over the place, the houses, the water supply, the food storage. Some are even aggressive to humans! Caroline and the rest of the people here are in great trouble especially the children if they don't round-up the animals. Escape players, care to join Caroline here as she helps gather the turkeys before they get too far or hurt somebody? Good luck then, bring all useful objects you can find and make use of them on this challenge. Have fun!

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