Warrior Woman Escape Game

Warrior Woman Escape

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Enjoy this rescue here for a woman capable of a skillful hand-to-hand battle. Warrior Woman Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games. Have fun!

The old village had really progressed to a very rich one and the houses there made of stone are a testament to that. The place even has a warrior and even though she was a woman, she had been protecting the place for years from people who wants to maraud and loot the area. The village had been peaceful most of the time thanks to some courageous warriors who were now students of the female warrior. She helps really and greatly, but one day however as everything was normal, one of the student's of the warrior who was Aries, noticed something and that's where he somehow realized that the tables have turned.

The warrior woman just got trapped in one of the houses in the place and now, she is the one to be needing some help! Aries had no idea why that house's door was mysteriously locked, but it's even weirder that she can't get it to open no matter how she kicked it, seems like a pretty strong thing that is. Escape players, care to join Aries here on his rescue for his warrior master? Go ahead then and good luck, may you find something that can safely open that locked-door and save an important person in the village.

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