Rescue The Duck (Top 10 New Games) Game

Rescue The Duck (Top 10 New Games)

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Come and see if your skills and logic are enough for a rescue here. Rescue The Duck is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy!

The national park here has a wide area and on every edge, there are forts which keeps poachers and illegal-loggers away, it's fortified and a safe haven for animals to thrive and multiply. Luis was one of the patrol personnel in the area and he can attest no such illegal people can enter, of course that should always be kept constant. Luis had a round in a specific area in the park again, but little did he expect though that there's going to be something different there and he was the first to see it!

At first, Luis saw a glittering thing in the distance, that intrigued him and he approached it, after a few minutes he arrived and he was not proud as to what he had found. There was a cage and inside it was one of those rare ducks the park was trying to save! How did a certain someone place a cage here? Was it a poacher? How did it even got passed the forts? Luis was filled with questions, but at that moment he needs to rescue the animal and most importantly, send a report to immobilize everyone to patrol the entire park. Escape players, the thing must be done is to get the duck out first, will everything you can find pry-open that thing? Good luck then and keep your senses up.

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