Thanksgiving Foggy Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Foggy Forest Escape

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It's thanksgiving in the village and the turkeys are starting to move away from the land for hunters are going in and out of the forest gathering them for the occasion. Their activities are totally legal as long as they only take during thanksgiving and minimize their taking from the place for 5 or less every month. Soon the turkeys will have moved away from the area and everyone needs to hurry before all of the turkeys leave. One of the persons who was aiming to get one is Edmond and even though he managed to actually find one, the forest totally confused him and now he is lost!

It had been an hour now since Edmond got lost in the forest and no matter how he tried to find any of his hunter neighbors for help, he couldn't locate even just one of them. Edmond needs to get home now so that his catch can then be tended to by his wife, but he needs to navigate back to familiar grounds first for he is currently lost. Escape players, want to help Edmond here everyone so he can return home with his catch?

Thanksgiving Foggy Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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