Holiday Forest Escape Game

Holiday Forest Escape

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Mac is on a holiday in the forest and he prefers that, he even has a small house in the area and it's located near a lake and overlooking the beautiful plains below. Mac is definitely having a fun time there even though he is alone, he really likes it that way but eventually though, he wanted to go back for he thought he misses the city and all. Guess he had lived in the city for long now that he is missing it, it is tearing him apart for he really wanted to stay too, looks like he needs help with this one escape players.

Escape players, Mac needs to leave the area now and return to the city for he also has errands there which must be done. Will you help him out by distracting him so he can eventually find peace and really leave the place? Use everything you can find then and be ready, for there might be a problem in there and that will lead Mac in finding a reason to fix it, and once again he'll stay in there.

Holiday Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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