Thanksgiving Eggs Escape Game

Thanksgiving Eggs Escape

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Thanksgiving Eggs Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 Escape. Best of luck in retrieving all missing turkey eggs!

Travis have been living near the forest for he wants his turkey farm to flourish with nature and of course, there are laws not to build farm stuff near a populated area, that's why he chose the place where he lives now. Even when the area is remote, there are still people living in some parts near him and most of the time, their children passes-by and becomes a menace of his operations. One day, they went pretty far for they took some turkey eggs from the incubator and they just played with it hiding them in different places around the vicinity!

Luckily, Travis caught-up to them sooner or they might have created more trouble in the farm, but they unfortunately still did however and it must be fixed soon before those eggs that they hid becomes cold. Travis knew about this for he found some eggs poorly hidden around some objects and one of the incubators are empty. What is up with those kids? Now he'll have to respond to this and if he gets this done successfully, he'll definitely bring-in some safeguards for the farm. Escape players, Travis here is going to retrieve those eggs which the kids took, will he be able to get them before the cold night comes in? Join him then on this retrieval and enjoy!

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