Master Your Mind 02 Game

Master Your Mind 02

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Come and try this mind-boggling challenge here with us. Master Your Mind 02 is another new point and click huge bathroom escape game made by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel. Good luck!

Escape players, have you finished the previous escape adventure with Tim? If not, then go back and try it out! This time, you are to try the escape adventure here in a place which belongs to the luxurious resort. Nevile was one of the workers in the resort and one of his tasks was to clean-up the washrooms for the guests and it's kind of tiring because the washroom is quite vast. Well at least it's not peak months right-now and people there are pretty minimal. Well something happened still though and that got Nevile into an unfortunate problem.

Nevile was just cleaning in the washroom and he was close to being finished when suddenly, he realized that he could not get out of the room for the doors seems to be locked! He really did not know what happened and it's pretty mysterious for this kind of thing never occurs through his years of working in the resort. Well there is nothing he can do but to find another way out now, escape players want to join in again on these escape adventure series? Go ahead then, test your mind here and have fun on this 2nd one!

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