Thank You Flash

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The flash player which is one main player at one point for flash games was saying goodbye, well everything in this world is not permanent. Gus is surely going to miss the times he played those types of games, but the world is changing for more modern stuff and even him was playing less of such games. That day, flash will stop permanently at a certain point and from there security and updates will become risky. That’s why Gus decided to just play one flash game before he uninstalls, just a simple one as a memory.

And so, Gus have chosen his game and it’s a simple flash puzzle, he bets he can solve this easily but it brings back memories of the times when a simple game such as this made his day really. Escape players, in the real world we really say goodbye with flash player, want to join Gus here though as he finishes this puzzle before he lets go of flash games with a gentle goodbye? Come and join him here then, solve the puzzle and after that, let’s embrace newer games here with HTML5!

Thank You Flash is a brand new point and click puzzle escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.