Escape From New Year Fantasy Forest Game

Escape From New Year Fantasy Forest

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As strange as it can be, the forest was always very strange for one is that the area changes every new year! Change as in the colors and the appearance just becomes different and even the feel. As a person who lives near it, Dominic has a huge hunch that the place is very much magical even though he haven't witnessed anything there that can really conclude such. That day, Dominic ventured into it once again for he has no choice really, he needs supplies which some he can only get from the forest, but he doesn't know a problem awaits for him there.

Dominic did not expect that the forest would change greatly, and so as a result he got lost in there! Dominic could not find his way back anymore and some of the paths which he knows he just passed through got blocked by some thick vegetation. That's when Dominic knew that there was something going-on here and it could be the enchantment of the place! He needs to of course confirm that and even though he is experiencing some trouble there, he can't just place that at least not yet to the forest's special abilities, for all he knows these are all just coincidences and it so happened he is in the right spot. Escape players, imagine you are in Dominic's shoes here and be ready for the land's challenges.

Escape From New Year Fantasy Forest is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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